“So, what now?” I asked, hoping you had an answer instead, reclining onto the cool metal of the merry-go-round as we spun, opposite hands of a clock. The stars above turned with us, becoming a kaleidoscope as I noticed the vibrations from your end of the oversized top. It was just us, it was always just us as the headlights on your car went out, coating us in perfect darkness and we were located only by the sounds of our laughter.

I felt your hair falling down over my face, brushing against the dimples on my cheeks—your lips forming to mine before my smile had a chance to finish.

“It’s crazy how many of them there are, right?” you pondered as our mouths regained their independence.

“How many of what?” I sat up, our fingers filling in the gaps on one another’s hands.

There was no response, rather a lone finger pointing upwards towards the sky. We both looked, filled with wonder for what we had found. You returned to your initial supine position on the merry-go-round as I stood on its side, shaking each bar’s hand as it passed by me as your laughs echoed out into the woods.

The twirling circle became your home as you stood in its center, hands raised into the night. I jumped between the bars, joining you at its core, melding my lips to yours in return. The ocean in your eyes met the dark rings in mine for what seemed like years.

“So, what now?” I repeated, a dusty record.

“More of this,” you responded, kissing me again as we stopped spinning.