We’re flattered that you want to know more about us. But you’re probably wondering what’s going on. Frankly, so are we. Let us try to explain.

What is Semi-Prose?

Semi-Prose was launched by Thea Voutiritsas and Zach Lampley in July of 2018. It’s a collection of our work; some of it we created individually, some together. We love to write, we work well together, and we just want to share some laughs (and maybe some cries) in this small corner of the internet. Follow Zach or Thea (or both of us) to stay updated on our projects. View our work here.

Why did you start Semi – Prose?

We met studying English Language and Rhetoric at UMKC in 2015. We’re not sure how we became friends, but we fell into riffing and writing together pretty naturally. Three years later, we started Semi-Prose to make it official (and to never forget to be writers).

Where’d you get the name?

First, it’s a pun. Second, we’re pretty new to this stuff. Third, we’re more than prose writers. We like screenplays, poetry, jokes, and a whole slew of other fun stuff. Take some time to explore, share, and let us know what you like! Shoot us an email at thesemiprose@gmail.com, or use our very official contact form. We’re not opposed to DM’s either.

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